Woman Reveals Her Transition Photos After Taking Hormones For 14 Months

A Reddit user named Natalie Zamani went on an incredible journey to find herself. From childhood, she felt like she didn’t belong in her body. Feeling confused and lost, she found other people like her in the world and realized that she is transgender.

Soon, after a lot of research, Natalie discovered that she could take hormones and finally feel like herself. She shared progress photos of her transition on Reddit and they are amazing! Natalie received a lot of love and support from other Reddit users. 

“I learned early on that feeling this way was something I had to completely hide, but my girly tendencies still came out in my personality here and there. That changed when I hit my early teen years and the start of puberty, however. I felt disgusted with the changes happening to my body and miserable that I had to endure them helplessly. This is around the time I first learned what it was to be transgender.”

Natalie after her incredible transition, continue in the next pages 👉

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