They rescue food in good condition and donate it to those most in need

Do you know how much food is wasted in supermarkets? Many people are not aware that the fruits and vegetables that reach the supermarkets are not sold completely. Ultimately, these foods end up being thrown away, as they begin to decompose.

But thanks to the initiatives of many people around the world, who try to fight against food waste, a change has begun to be generated, because in fact the amount of food that is thrown away every day in the world is enormous while there are thousands of citizens who need it and have nothing to buy it with.

The contingency has made the situation worse

Since the health contingency that generated the Covid-19 began, everything has been more complicated for farmers when they get the products of their crops to the places where they were sold, generating a great loss, not only material but also economic, since their sale it is your main monetary income.

This is how EastWest Food Rescue was born

George Ahearn, a 45-year-old man, living in Bothell, Washington, decided to found an association when he noticed all the food that was about to be thrown away because it couldn’t be sold to its regular suppliers.

So he decided that he would be in charge of buying some crops and delivering them to the food banks, since the contingency not only affected the farmers but the population in general; in this way, it would be helping two valuable sectors that were in trouble.

One of the best decisions of your life

George did contact the food banks, who would gladly receive the donations made to them, something that at first he considered as a small contribution, but later, when he spoke with the farmers, they were willing to sell him their trucks full of potatoes and onions, something George was not expecting at all, but he understood why they were doing it. So he decided to seek help through social media.

Now EastWest Food Rescue has co-founders

When Ahead made the need for support public on her Facebook profile, almost immediately Nancy Balin and Zsofia Pasztor decided to be part of that great team.

Now the mission was to move the vegetables to a place where they could clean the potatoes and pack the food and then deliver the packages to the food banks. And when they least expected it, they had already delivered about 70 tons of food.

EastWest Food Rescue wants to continue helping

The association has remained active thanks to the support that has been received from the collaborators and many donations, not only to get the food to the food banks and that they deliver it to the most needy, but also provide them with payment to farmers, which although not equal to what they are used to, gives them an income to continue maintaining their lands and their families.

If you want to know more about the association, visit their official page and find out how you can help, since without a doubt, they really need it.