Teacher gives televisions to his students so that they can study from home

After the dozens of changes that the health contingency caused by Covid-19 brought with it to our daily lives, everyone has tried to make their lives as normal as possible, since thousands began to work from home, to exercise and learn to enjoy the time at home, while students began to adjust to taking classes online, whether through digital platforms, radio or television.

However, not all students have the great fortune of having the necessary means to continue their studies, as is the case of the children of Chachapoyas, a community located in the north of Peru, who fortunately were helped by Lino Rojas, a teacher who gave the children most in need the opportunity to continue learning at a distance.

It all starts with small actions

Lino was aware that not all the children and young people of the place had the same possibilities to take the classes that were taught on television, so he organized what would become one of the greatest aid that has been given to the students.

He asked citizens if they had the possibility to donate any television that they no longer used, so that the collected ones would later be donated to those most in need. Many people knowing about this cause, joined and donated the electronic devices.

Now little ones continue with their studies

After collecting several televisions, Profr. Rojas took on the task of cleaning them and leaving them in the best possible condition so that they could be delivered to the students. To make it even more special, he came to deliver them, going house to house to install the equipment and show how it was that they could take the classes that were taught by this means.

The students and parents could not be more grateful, because it is a way that despite the situation that everyone lives, they continue with their education.

Learning from home

Thanks to this type of action, those most in need have the opportunity not to drop out of school and thus be able to forge a better future, and it is that despite the fact that the governments of many countries have tried to make the entire education process simple online, there are still thousands who do not have access to it, but due to teachers like Lino Rojas it is still possible. Thank you!