Nurse saves newborn babies during Beirut explosion

Many of us found out through social networks and news channels about the terrible tragedy of the explosion that shook the capital of Lebanon last Tuesday, August 4, and the images that we saw were much more than heartbreaking and sad.

So far, we know that more than 130 people have died, and thousands were injured, and the infrastructure in some areas of the city has been completely in ruins.

In the midst of disaster there is a glimmer of hope

Al Roum Hospital is one of the few in the area that was not completely destroyed by the explosion, as shown in a photograph taken by Bilal Jawich, a journalist photographer who has been tasked with covering the disaster area to keep thousands informed around the world.

And it is that it shows a nurse with three newborns in her arms while trying to make a phone call. That courage and strength are just what Beirut needs right now, as it’s not just newborns that require the help of nurses.

They have been very difficult years

Bilal is a man who has been dedicated to journalism for a large part of his life, so he knows that the last decade has not been easy for his work, but despite that, he had never encountered anything like the one in Beirut.

It has been 16 years of the press and many wars. I can say that I have not seen what I saw today in the Ashrafiya area, especially in front of the hospital. This ‘champion’ has thrilled me in the hospital, holding three newborns surrounded by dozens of corpses and wounded.

—Bilal Jawich, Lebanese journalist photographer

The world needs more women like her

Although the death of four nurses was reported in Al Roum, and many of the patients were registered as injured, the strength of this woman is to be admired, as she remained inside the facilities to watch for the most defenseless.

The name of this heroine is unknown, as is the total number of wounded and deceased in Beirut, but despite such a great misfortune, we can still see the shine of the good deeds of others in the world.

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