Little 3-year-old sells seedlings to pay for her treatment

As we know, the health service is now fully focused on dedicating its resources and efforts to combat Covid-19, but that is not synonymous with the rest of the diseases disappearing or ceasing to afflict those who suffer from them.

Proof of this is the situation that this little girl goes through. Her name is María Fernanda, she is just three years old and resides in the city of Allende, Mexico. And despite what is happening in the world, she has the firm intention of moving forward.

A great little warrior

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María Fernanda is one of the hundreds of girls in Mexico who are in the fight against cancer.

The little girl has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is a type of cancer that originates in the bone marrow and can spread rapidly to different parts of the body, such as the liver or the central nervous system.

But suffering from leukemia has not taken away the will to live, quite the opposite, since Maria is the example of how adversity is faced.

She and her family won’t give up

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As is known, the supply of anticancer drugs in the many countries have not had the best supply in recent months, and that is why many patients have found it necessary to seek different options to raise money and thus pay for their treatment, and Maria was no exception, who with her family is dedicated to selling beautiful succulents.

Great support for Maria

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Even though they had previously made sales of cakes, cosmetics and even put together the plastic caps that come in the disposable PET plastic containers, the income they obtained was not enough to cover all expenses. For this reason, Maria’s parents decided to create a Facebook page with the intention of helping their daughter, in addition to starting to sell seedlings.

In it, they publish every day which area of ​​the city they are going to visit so that people who wish to support her come and buy a succulent or cactus, which mostly cost 40 pesos, and also come decorated with a nice motivating message like this: Even if the sun goes down and the wind is silent, I will not give up, there is still life in my dreams.

Many have helped her!

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Paula, Maria Fernanda’s mother, has been infinitely grateful for all the support they have given her from the sale of the succulents, in addition to the fact that if you want to help her but do not live in Mexico, what you can do is enter her Facebook page and speak directly with the little girl’s parents.