He finished his studies, worked hard and in the end bought his mother the house of her dreams

Our parents are capable of anything for us: putting aside their sleep hours, sacrificing their favorite things to be by our side and helping us to fulfill all our dreams. For them, seeing us graduated and happy is a great reward, a reward worth gold.

And although many times all their effort is not valued as it should, the truth is we do not know how to thank them for everything they have given us. For this reason, Sebastian shared a great gesture he made to his mother, as a gift, for everything she has done for him.

Something that surely mom did not expect

Sebastian is a young man from Colombia, and throughout the university, he had one of his mother’s greatest dreams in mind, to have a home of her own. Instead of buying the home of her dreams, she preferred to give her son everything he needed for his education. 

For that reason, Sebastian set a goal: he would buy that home from his mother once he finished school and got a job. So it was. After finishing his law degree and working hard for 4 years, he finally acquired the gift for mom, news that he shared on his Twitter profile.

“I want to share with you here that my mother always dreamed of owning her own home, so I told her that I would work hard to buy it. After 4 years of hard work and above all, thanks to the love of God.”


Without a doubt, the best gift

Sebastian’s mother, receiving the keys and deeds to her new home, filled her heart with joy because she never believed that the day would come when she would have a home of her own. Her happy face says it all.

It was more than clear for her son that it was the right time to reward Mom for all the good she has done for him and all she has given him.