Couple helps homeless man reunite with family after 20 years

The kindness and nobility within each of us often lead us to achieve goals or perform actions that could change someone else’s life forever, giving them one of the best gifts they could ever receive. In the case of Pedro, a homeless man who lived on the streets of Los Angeles, the kindness of a young couple helped her to be reunited with her family after more than 20 years without seeing them.

Randi Emmans-Bailyn and her boyfriend John Suazo are a couple who have dedicated their lives to helping others through a social project called Backpacks, in which they give bags full of food, water, socks, and essential cleaning products to people with limited resources and living on the streets. Well, last Sunday, August 9, Randi shared in her networks the moving story of how she met Pedro and the wonderful act that she and her boyfriend performed for him.

Randi was moved to meet Pedro

Images Credit: (Instagram/@randiemmansbailyn)

Last week I was out for a walk with my dog ​​when I heard Pedro say, ‘why do people just stare at me and laugh at me? I am a very educated man. Say hello. Don’t ignore me or stare at me that way. ‘His words so moved me; it broke my heart. I immediately knew that I wanted to help Pedro, so I ran to my apartment and told my boyfriend, John, how touched I was by what Pedro had said.

So the couple approached Pedro to give him one of the backpacks that they usually give to people like him. They talked, and after asking him what his aspirations were, he confessed that what he most wanted was to see his family again, which he had not seen in more than 20 years.

After a long search, they succeeded

Images Credit: (Instagram/@randiemmansbailyn)

After Pedro shared with Randi and John everything he remembered about his family, down to the smallest details, they were able to contact their relatives because Pedro still remembered his grandmother’s address. One of Pedro’s uncles, Pierre, wept with emotion when Randi and John contacted him and promised to do his best to travel from Charleston to Los Angeles to meet his nephew again.

In addition to this, John and Randi raised money to be able to allow Pedro to sleep in a hotel for a few days, buy him clothes and food, and even took his uncle and one of his cousins ​​to dinner so they could talk a little more about the new life that awaits Pedro with his family, who live in South Carolina.

Pedro promised to keep in touch

Images Credit: (Instagram/@randiemmansbailyn)

It was amazing to see the love that exists between his family despite the passing of the years. Yesterday they returned home with Pedro; he feels amazing. Pedro is really good and smart. We are happy to have met you and look forward to staying in touch. We are even planning to visit him in Charleston as soon as possible. Pedro touched our hearts forever, and we will miss him.