Boy cleans the river Seine with magnets; has removed more than 7 tons of garbage

Planet Earth is the only home we have. Perhaps many people still have a hard time assimilating it and taking actions to preserve the resources it provides us and take care of it in the best possible way so that future generations can enjoy it.

So a little boy decided to give a great lesson to thousands of people, and in this way create awareness about what happens every day in the world, because even if we do not see it, there is a lot of “invisible” garbage that must be treated in the way correct, without being disposed of in inappropriate places.

A boy with a great conscience

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Raphaël is a 10-year-old boy who resides in France and has a great goal in his life: to clean up the garbage-filled places in the world. Despite his young age he has shown a great commitment to the planet, since he has the firm intention of conserving it in the best way possible.

And the way he does it is by “fishing” for scrap from the Seine River, making use of magnets and ropes, which allow him to hook objects to bring them to the surface later.

It all started less than a year ago

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Raphaël refers to the environmental actions carried out by Greta Thunberg and Youtuber ChrisDetek, who popularized a peach of a very particular type among French internet users.

This idea began shortly before Christmas 2019, as he decided to ask as gifts for hooks, gloves, ropes, and magnets with which he could remove anything that increases its pollution from the depths of the Seine.

When his parents found out what his intention was, they not only decided to support him, but also helped him achieve his goals.

The Seine river is one of the most polluted

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Since 1960 the Seine was considered a “dead” river from the biological point of view, and although it has recovered a little of its ecosystem thanks to the multiple laws implemented, it cannot be denied that it has been used as a landfill for hundreds of waste that many people no longer want and that there is still much more time before their water can be crystal clear.

Raphaël has removed almost 7 tons of garbage from the river

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Throughout the year, this boy has come to take the garbage out of the river on weekends, and some of the strangest things he has taken out have been an 1874 bayonet, a funeral urn, and a 250 kilogram Yamaha motorcycle; although it has also collected scrap metal, bicycles and scooters. So adding all that, it has been about 7 tons that Raphaël has extracted from the famous channel that crosses Paris.

Keep helping create a better place

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Without a doubt, the intention of this child is only to have a better world to live in and to create awareness in all those people who follow him in Instagram upload relevant information to his account.