A deaf man adopted a dog who is also deaf

A pet amazingly brightens your life, you never know what awaits you once you get home, especially when your dog or cat is just a puppy/kitten, and you must be away from home for a certain period of time. 

Anyone who is fortunate enough to have a four-legged friend in their life will know that it is true, because it is not only about the enormous happiness that your pet brought to your life, but about the satisfaction you have when you know that you have saved a to be alive after a long and uncertain road for him.

Emerson was an unlucky little dog

This puppy was abandoned along with his brothers on the street. Initially, whoever rescued them took it upon themselves to take them to the North Florida Foundation, an animal shelter where they are cared for until they are ready to be adopted.

Once there, the veterinarians realized that he was completely deaf, had vision problems, and suffered from canine parvovirus, which initially did not give much hope. Despite this, the doctors did not give up and cared for him until he was ready to enter the adoption process; however, sadly, all the families who came rejected him because they did not want a puppy with health problems.

Everything changed thanks to Nick

On the other hand, there is Nick, a 31-year-old young man, who was born deaf and communicates through sign language. This boy was looking for a pet to keep him company, and his best option was to search the shelters to adopt one, so when he arrived at the North Florida Foundation, he told the veterinarians his story.

He was also deaf and, in a strange way, felt that there was already a bond between him and the puppy, so he took him home, and they began their adventure.

They complement each other in amazing ways!

Once the coexistence began, Nick came up with a great idea, as he decided that he would teach Emerson sign language, and in this way, he could communicate with him, to train him, and talk to him.

It has not been an easy job, but Nick has shown that, with some patience, love, and dedication, any pet with a disability is capable of learning and living together as normally as possible, because now Emerson knows the meaning of signs to sit, go where its owner is or lie down.

Emerson has grown a lot and is known to be in the right hands, as they will always take care of him, and he will be able to understand his master despite not hearing his voice.