9 years old cancer patient sells paintings and raise money for hospital

Children are human beings with the most light, innocence, and joy in the world, and childhood should be simply to enjoy playing and learning in a fun way. However, not all children are lucky enough to be in good health.

Thousands of children worldwide face diseases such as cancer, but when they overcome them, they show us that they are true warriors. As is the case of Aedan Pio, a little boy who, despite his health, does not give up and even thanks those who have helped him throughout this fight.

It is the reflection of gratitude and joy

Aedan is 9 years old and lives in the Philippines. From the age of 4, he was diagnosed with chordoma, a type of cancer that affects the bones, and that is why he must take medications, go to his treatments and go through very demanding operations and recovery processes. However, he does not give up and enjoys life as much as his possibilities allow, playing with his brother Bellamy or drawing.

Covid-19 has complicated its treatment

Due to health contingency, in many parts of the world, the health service has stopped some processes or programs for diseases that are not contagious by Covid-19, as hospitals focus on controlling the pandemic.

That is why Aedan stopped going to the hospital where he received his treatment, since he is not treated directly in the Philippines, but must travel abroad, but because the borders are closed, and the hospitals only receive a certain number of patients, he must stay home.

He found new ways to have fun

Pio has done many things since the quarantine began, such as watching movies, playing games, and laughing. Like many, the confinement has begun to cause stress and anxiety, so he wants the contingency to end as soon as possible.

While that’s going on, he opted to have fun doing something completely new: painting during all his free time. He took brushes and canvases and got to work achieving amazing results, and it is that Aeden has an exceptional gift since he is an artist at his young age. The solar system inspires some of his paintings, and others carry a harmony of color that mesmerizes anyone who sees them.

The best is the purpose of your works

Although it could be just a hobby, his intention is to sell his works online and donate the money obtained to the hospital that treats him; in this way, he will be returning just a bit of how much the doctors and nurses have done him.

Aedan feels very satisfied because his paintings have fascinated hundreds, and he hopes that not only will he support his hospital, but in the future also make donations to other health institutions that need it.