103-year-old granny gets her first tattoo to celebrate life

There is one thing Dorothy Pollack loves even more than beer and hamburgers: frogs. Therefore, on her 103rd birthday, she decided to fulfill one of her biggest dreams and turned her favorite animal into her first tattoo.

The woman, from Michigan, United States, wanted to celebrate the fact of being alive, because Covid-19 gave her a new perspective on things. You have to enjoy it to the fullest!

I was depressed from the quarantine

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Due to the coronavirus, Pollack had to spend months in quarantine at the asylum without being able to communicate with her family. This plunged her into deep sadness, and her caregivers determined that the only way for Dorothy to regain her smile was to discharge her to be reunited with her loved ones.

The nurse told us that she was terribly depressed and that we needed to get her out of there. Because of her quarantine, we couldn’t see her, so we had no idea how she really was. She has extreme hearing loss, so the phone calls weren’t helpful.

—Teresa Zavitz-Jones, granddaughter of Dorothy Pollack

A day she will never forget

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After spending months in “prison,” as Pollack defined quarantine, she was so happy to breathe fresh air that she decided to make up for the lost time and enjoy the fullest days. The first thing on her wish list was getting her first tattoo.

To celebrate her 103rd birthday, her family took her to the AWOL Custom Tattooing, LLC studio, where the artist Ray Reasoner Jr. was waiting for her delighted, as Pollack would be his longest-lived client. He even gave her a tattoo of a frog, her favorite animal.

There is nothing to stop her

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Her tattoo “was a piece of cake,” even Ray said that she behaved like a champion because at no time did she complain or wince. But now that she had crossed off the first wish on her list, she had to move on to the next: get on a motorcycle.

To do this, the tattoo artist’s father and good friend of the family took Dorothy for a ride on his Harley Davidson. It is surely a day that the adventurous woman will never forget.