Do you really want him or do you just want self-affirmation and a relationship? 6 differences!

Do you really want your partner, or is your self-worth so low and needy that you want to get self-affirmation about a relationship?

Honestly? There was a time in my life when the mere thought of love made me anxious and nervous. At this point, I already had some relationships behind me, really like the love that was always exemplified in the Disney movies, but it never felt like it.

I was desperately looking for a man who would show me that “not all men are the same.” A man who would get involved 100 percent with me and would stick with me even in the bad times. After countless dates and disappointments later, I decided to put the focus back on myself.

What have I learned over the years? It’s far nicer to WANT a relationship than to NEED it. Even if it sounds sucked, a relationship should be nothing more than the icing on the cake of a satisfying life. It is incredibly strong to know that you can completely rely on yourself in every life situation.

6 big differences: Do I really want it, or do I need it for my self-esteem?

Would you do * anything * for a relationship? 

Do you take every chance to get to know someone? Just relax! Focus more on yourself again, what you enjoy. Find a hobby that makes you happy, join a club. Create a life that makes you completely satisfied – no matter what your relationship status is.