6 types of friends you should never let go

From a young age, we usually establish friendly relationships, some stronger than others. Many of those childhood friends last forever; while others only come into our lives for a short time. But no matter how long the friendship lasts, they sure marked your life forever.

The truth is that friendship, whether in childhood, youth, or adulthood, is valuable for those who are fortunate to have real friends.

The way we relate has changed over time

Today there is something that a few years ago not, and it is social networks. They have changed the way we relate and make friends, although we are honest, it is tough to consider a friend to someone we do not know face to face.

Social networks have unfortunately deteriorated the way we show ourselves to others, as well as the way we socialize, reaching the point of showing us a completely distorted image of who we really are.

But the above is not the worst, today’s young people by being attentive to social networks, have forgotten to really live. This leads them to live isolated and only focused on what happens in their social network.

Social networks are not all bad; But forgetting to have a real life is detrimental to your mental life. You need to bond with real people, so you can have friends and fall in love and love real people.