This is the reason why it takes more work to lose pounds after 30

Does it only happen to women?

In fact no, slow metabolism also occurs in men. This natural process is due to aging, in the same way, that the function of the senses is decreasing. That is why it is more difficult for you to lose weight, or to see closely or listen to what they tell you. It is something very natural.

During childhood and adolescence, metabolism was accelerated since the body needed to grow, repair and strengthen tissues. As our age increases, the body recognizes that it no longer has to grow, so it needs only what is necessary to repair tissues. This process slows down after age 30.

On the other hand, this process begins at the same time as the decrease in hormones that help to burn fat, such as DHEA, testosterone and growth hormone. This partial decrease in hormones causes us to lose 300 to 600 grams of muscle mass each year. Of course, this situation varies according to the habits of each person. That is why it is recommended to pay more attention to diet and exercise at the age of 25.